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April 23, 2012 § 4 Comments

I don’t think people are bad. I just think that people makes bad choices. When on the topic of people, I have a difficult time talking with people who thinks in black and white.

I ask the question, “Is stealing bad?” People’s usual response is “Yes”, but they should have wait and think a little and say, “it depends.”

This is a matter of how open-minded you are. If you have grown up to have all your basic needs met, then you wouldn’t hesitate to say that ethically, stealing is bad. But if you have experiences hardship in term of survival, you would understand that it all depends on the situation.

Stealing for your own selfish motive are bad. But if you had starving children that needs food, and if you’re desperate enough, stealing is a mean to an end. I’m not saying it is wrong or right, but rather, justified or not.

Laws are in place to keep order. But there are so many complex issues that can not be solved by referring to a law for resolution. Plus, laws are made by man, so if a law does not serve its purpose to be just, then it should be change.

“Is killing bad?”


“What if it is done in self-defense?”

“It depends, what was the situation in the killing?”

Unfortunately, we do not have everything together all the time to understand the “situation”, therefore we go with whatever we have available. That is granted, but the injustice within our societies goes further than the lack of knowledge, but rather the compassion to walk in another person’s shoes.


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