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I’m very impressed by people that have a clear direction on where they are going and stop at nothing on the way to get there. Unlike those people, I am the actual opposite. I like the journey rather than having a narrow focus on the end destination. Hence the problem I have in my life. I am still unclear as to what I am supposed to do to find some fulfillment in my life. But is it ok if I enjoy the stage where I am at for the moment?

Who really knows what they are supposed to be or do in life? Do you wish it so hard that the universe open up a path for you? Or people just stumble upon many things and decided that this is the best for them? Tough questions. If only I knew the answers, I would imagine my life to be simpler. How many of you out there are satisfied with what you do now and if you had a chance to start over, which journey would you embark on?

For myself, I am about to go to another state. Let’s call it exploration. I might have no web connectivity once again. But I think that this is necessary for me to broaden my horizon. It is just so difficult to leave the comfort zone. They say a journey of a thousand miles all started with one step. I shall believe this and have faith in where my life is going to lead me.

I will try my best to get online. And for the days that I couldn’t, I will write a blog offline to continue my post-per-day.

Thanks for reading.


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§ 9 Responses to Confuzzle

  • Excellent that you are taking time to enjoy the journey along the path of life your taking. Great you will still work on posts even while possibly not online. Great commitment to what you do know to do as you wait for more direction to be revealed.
    If I were to start again, I’d be on the journey I am on now. Only I’d have started it much sooner and with much more sureness than I started this one.
    Happy exploration,

  • nonoymanga says:

    It’s not bad to be born poor, but it’s a mortal sin to die broke!!! Good day Nonoy Manga

  • nonoymanga says:

    Tuan my friend I will wait for your next post even If it takes forever.LOL

  • armyveteran says:

    The only time I wanted to take a certain path so badly the universe made a path for me was when I wanted to join the Army. Like most things there is a paralell story to this. My high school love, the one I was gonna be with forever, well, we kinda got caught by her father, so to be able to continue seeing her I had to have a plan. My plan was, when I turned 18, to marry her, then join the Army. This way we would be together forever, and I would have a career to support us. (we are so dumb at that age, i think it is the

    The problem with thinking we know it all, and being so focused on one thing is we miss other opportunities. Not long after I joined the Army, I was awarded an academic scholarship for college. I could not take advantage of it because I was almost 4,000 miles away, and going through training. It was given to the person who graduated next in line, from me, in terms of GPA.

    I had other things happen to my goals too, goals that were supposed to take me through the rest of my life. I got injured in the service, and my wife and I got divorced. So much for those goals I wanted so badly the universe made a path for me.

    Ever since then I have kinda gone with the flow, and tried not to press so hard a path was made, by the universe, for me. I try to take it as it comes, one day at a time.

    Before the bottom completely fell out on my health, I had a wonderful career, in the hospitality industry, and worked for a few corporations, in their computer rooms, using the computer skills the Army taught me.

    There I go again. My comment is almost as long as your post. Sorry! ;(

    I have not seen anything from you lately. I hope all is working out for you. I also hope you find internet access soon, and give us a shout!



  • theodd1in says:

    I used to think I had a clear direction to where I wanted to go, but now that’s all changed. But, despite perhaps “wasting time” as many people have told me, you can’t know what you really want in life without making some mistakes and changes. And actually, I’m pretty excited 🙂

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